15 April, 2021

Reset | Realign | Rethink

Our Perspective: Reset | Realign | Rethink

“We’re not invested in numbers on a screen. We’re invested in companies with real businesses''.

In his Q1 update, Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rana Chauhan, reflects on the investment challenges of 2020, the companies that benefited from changing consumer behaviours, and the ones that were impacted. He points out that while investing trends changed during the COVID crisis, they are changing again.

When selecting securities for a portfolio, our investment managers watch for key trends in the market, including shifting consumer behaviours that impact a company’s financial prospects and investment return objectives. 

Here are a few highlights from Rana: 

  • Watch companies not the stock
  • The investment environment remains dynamic 
  • Volatility will continue in response to our changing post-pandemic world
  • Investors may need to reset for a world that is gradually reopening, realign their financial plans and rethink their next investing steps as they look ahead.